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At TJ Ewbank Logs we pride ourselves on the products we offer and the processes we use to ensure they are the best possible standards. We are accredited through Woodsure Quality Assured Woodfuel and Woodsure Ready to Burn as well as supporting local initiatives by donating to the planting of trees in Cumbria.

Woodsure Quality Assured Woodfuel

The UK’s only woodfuel quality assurance scheme.

The Woodsure Certification scheme comprehensively inspects woodfuel producers to ensure that they produce and supply woodfuel to the correct standard. Checks are carried out, samples tested and procedures audited to ensure consistent, high quality products.

Woodsure Ready to Burn Initiative

Woodsure Ltd is the DEFRA appointed Certification Body to administer the Ready to Burn Scheme.

The principle of the Woodsure scheme is that raw materials, the collection of trees and forestry thinning or post timber processing, is legally sourced, processed to achieve size and moisture characteristics (less that 20% moisture) and made available to the end consumer with clear identification. To satisfy the initiative criteria, producers must demonstrate through audit and fuel testing that the woodfuel they sell is ‘Ready to Burn’

Download the Ready to Burn leaflet.

Wood energy is both sustainable, when derived from conscientiously managed woodland situations and low-carbon, with new tree growth absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere equivalent to that used when burning wood fuel. It’s a virtuous cycle that can actually benefit the health and future of UK woodland. The purpose of the Woodsure certification scheme is to provide a recognised quality standard for woodfuel products.  Woodfuel carrying the Woodsure logo has been tested and proven to fulfil the required standards. The fuel will have the right moisture content to work at optimum efficiency and ensures that the fuel is sourced from a sustainably managed woodland, where the trees cut down are replaced

Ullswater Catchment Management CIC

Ullswater Catchment Managament CIC is a not for profit, community interest company based in Ullswater in the Lake District National Park. They combine sustainable farming, conservation and natural flood management. Their work is proposed and delivered by the community and they are proud of the fact that as far as possible all money is spent on local businesses and contractors to help the local economy. Their projects are varied, from planting new hedgerows and trees, to soil and grass health, and river restoration work. Ullswater Catchment Management CIC work alongside the Woodland Trust, The Environment Agency, The National Trust, The Farmer Network, Natural England, RSPB, Eden Rivers Trust and Cumbria Wildlife Trust .

For every bag of logs we sell, we make a donation toward the planting of trees in Cumbria.

Biomass Suppliers List

logo-2The Biomass Suppliers List is a method which is used to provide RHI participants with a simple way to demonstrate that their fuel complies with RHI standards. Suppliers who register their fuel(s) on the List will be required to submit data for audit by the BSL Administrator. Suppliers who successfully register fuel(s) on the RHI Biomass Suppliers List will be permitted to label their compliant products with the BSL mark to illustrate that this fuel complies with RHI sustainability criteria.