Why is burning wood ‘environmentally friendly’?
Burning wood is carbon-neutral. When trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide and generate oxygen that is essential for our planet’s survival. When wood is burned or left to decay on the forest floor it will release the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Wood is therefore an environmentally friendly fuel being a renewable energy source.  In addition, for every dumpy bag of logs we sell, we make a donation towards the planting of new trees in Cumbria – working with the Woodland Trust & Diggin’ the Trees volunteer group.  Our wood is sourced from sustainable British woodlands.

Why can’t you burn damp wood?
Damp wood is difficult and inefficient to burn. In its natural state, wood contains from 65 to 95 per cent of water. Dry – or ‘seasoned’ wood gives a much higher energy output.  Our logs are seasoned naturally for at least 12 months. We have been awarded the prestigious HETAS Quality Assured Fuel Accreditation, that ensures consistent quality firewood for sale with a moisture content of less than 25%.

How do I know how dry the wood is?
By far the best way is to use a moisture metre to measure the moisture content of wood.  We guarantee our wood will be under 25% moisture.  If you bang a couple of logs together they will give a lovely hollow sound if they are dry.  Wet logs give a dull thud.

What size are the logs?
Our standard logs are cut to around 225mm/8.75″ long and are split. They are all clean and free from sawdust. The tolerance on log length is +/- 10%.

How much does your wood weigh?
You should never buy wood by weight, as the wetter it is, the more it weighs.  We only sell by volume.



Where do you deliver to?
We deliver to mainland Britain – just select your postcode where you want the delivery to be made.

Does the price quoted include delivery and VAT?
Yes, the price you are quoted is the delivery price and includes VAT @ 5%.

How are the logs delivered?
For local deliveries, we use our own vehicle.  The dumpy bags are lifted off the truck using a small crane and can be placed near to where you wish to store the logs depending on your access.  The logs are left in the bag for you to unload.  We deliver seven days a week at a pre-arranged time.

For deliveries further afield, we use a nationwide courier service, and the logs are delivered in a dumpy bag, on a recycled pallet. Deliveries are based on a three day delivery service (Monday to Friday).  If you wish to specify a date for delivery,  please do so when placing your order. AM or PM deliveries can be stipulated at an additional cost of £6.

What happens if I have a small driveway?
The courier’s vehicle must be able to park. Delivery vehicles use tail lift for offloading. A pallet truck is used to manoeuvre the logs off the vehicle to the kerb site delivery point. The courier cannot travel across gravel or grass. When placing an order, please provide details regarding your access.

Do I have to be at home when the delivery is made?
For local deliveries, we prefer you to be in for your first delivery, so that you can show us exactly where you would like the logs to be put, depending on vehicle access. There is no need for you to be in for subsequent deliveries.  Arrangements can be made by telephone when placing your order.

We do not require you to be in when a delivery is being made via the courier service, however, you must state on your order that you are not going to be there and stipulate where you would like the logs to be put. This again is dependant upon vehicle access. You will be responsible for the logs once the delivery has been made.

Do you deliver on a weekend and Bank Holidays?
Our couriers do not deliver on weekends and Bank Holidays. Locally, we are able to deliver 7 days a week.

Do you want the bag back?
The bag is yours to keep or recycle. We do ask our local customers to retain the bag and we will collect it when we redeliver.



What payment types do you accept?
We accept all major credit and debit cards through Paypal when ordering online.  For local deliveries, we accept cheques or cash.
Will I get a receipt or invoice?
Local deliveries receive an invoice on delivery.  When logs are delivered via a courier, you will receive a confirmation email which will include your invoice/receipt.


How do I contact T.J.Ewbank Limited?
The best way is to send an e-mail to tjewbank@gmail.com or telephone us on 017683 62746